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The Guggenheim Risk Managed Real Estate Fund seeks to deliver attractive returns while managing the volatility and drawdown risks associated with investing in long only real estate investment trusts (REITs). The Fund pursues this goal by dynamically allocating between a Long Only Strategy and a Market Neutral Strategy and this innovative approach allows the Fund to increase REIT exposure when the real estate outlook is bullish, or decrease when bearish --potentially making the Fund a complete solution for REIT exposure in any market environment.
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Guggenheim’s Flagship Fixed Income Mutual Funds Receive 5-Star Overall Morningstar Ratings

December 5, 2014
Guggenheim Investments is pleased to announce that three of its flagship fixed-income mutual funds have earned the highest-possible overall Morningstar rating at their earliest eligibility.
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Guggenheim Investments Announces Estimated Mutual Fund Distributions

November 18, 2014
On November 14,, 2014, Guggenheim Investments announced estimated mutual fund distributions See FAQ
Distributions for the impacted mutual funds will be updated regularly as Fund information becomes available View Distributions

Morningstar Top Decile Rankings

October 10, 2014
Fixed Income Funds Earn Morningstar Top Decile Rankings as of September 30, 2014. Please click link below for details and risks.
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High Yield and Bank Loan Outlook - October 2014

October 8, 2014
High-yield investors may limit near-term volatility risk while capturing strong returns by increasing allocations to middle-market debt.
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Financial Times: Don't Fight the U.S. Treasury Bond Rally

August 18, 2014
Global CIO Scott Minerd explains in a Financial Times commentary why Treasury yields may be headed down to 2%.
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High Yield and Bank Loan Outlook

July 8, 2014
High Quality High-Yield in a Maturing Bull Market
Certain areas of leveraged credit are overvalued, particularly CCC-rated bonds and bank loans, but often some of the best profits come in the final phase of a cycle.
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Municipal Market Outlook

May 8, 2014
Municipal bonds posted strong returns in the first quarter of 2014 and look set for a strong year amid an improving fiscal and economic situation.
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Financial Times: US Rate Rise to Come Sooner Than Later

April 29, 2014
With the US Federal Reserve set to end its quantitative easing programme of large scale asset purchases sometime in late 2014, the debate is turning to the timing of future interest rate increases. Janet Yellen, the Fed’s new chairwoman, has been scattering some clues.
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Fortune: These Bonds Aren’t Peanuts

April 7, 2014
Demand for asset-backed securities (ABS) has come roaring back, since the market crash of 2008. Fortune provides a brief history of ABS, while highlighting some of the unique investment opportunities that Guggenheim has located, including bonds that are collateralized in part by royalties from a popular comic and cartoon series.
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Financial Times: Fed History is Key to Bernanke Legacy

January 31, 2014
In an Op-Ed published in the Financial Times, Scott Minerd, Guggenheim’s Chairman of Investments and Global Chief Investment Officer, writes that Ben Bernanke restored the Federal Reserve to its original mandate – avoiding banking crises – but that he has left his legacy firmly in the hands of his successor, Janet Yellen.
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Reuters Insight: Guggenheim Partners Wins Bond Investors, Looks to Europe Next

January 16, 2014
Reuters highlights Guggenheim Investments’ fixed income expertise and Guggenheim’s European ambitions, including asset management and real estate investing opportunities.
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We Must Avoid Seeing The New Arctic Through an Old World Lens

October 26, 2013
It would be easy to think those with a thirst for exploration were born too late — to assume that humanity has already reached every corner of the earth there is to discover. But one region — the Arctic — still contains uncharted mysteries.
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Financial Times: Look to ‘Helicopter’ Ben for Clues to Yellen’s Fed

October 24, 2013
What can we expect from a Federal Reserve led by newly nominated chair Janet Yellen? Chairman of Investments and Global chief investment officer Scott Minerd explains in this Financial Times commentary.
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Guggenheim grows beyond its insurance roots

August 27, 2013
Guggenheim Investments, known for managing insurance company assets, is luring a more diverse group of institutional clients with its solid investment performance while is raises capital to even expand further.
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The ABCs of ABS

August 20, 2013
In the search for yield, ABS offers an opportunity to generate higher returns through rigorous analysis, unaccompanied by additional credit or interest-rate risk.
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Forbes: Dodging Disaster

August 2, 2013
Forbes profiles Guggenheim Investments, and the key factors that helped drive the company’s growth.
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Today’s financial markets continue to be turbulent and unpredictable so it is important to be informed about how recent market activity may affect your clients’ financial goals. Let us help you be knowledgeable – click on one of the links below to read our most recent mutual fund commentary.

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Guggenheim Investments Announces the Closure and Liquidation of Managed Commodities Strategy Fund

February 20, 2014
On February 13, 2014, the Managed Commodities Strategy Fund Board of Trustees approved the closure and liquidation of the fund.
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